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How to choose the chiller brands?

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How to choose the chiller brands?

Select according to the cooling load. For the selection of LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, the first consideration is the cooling capacity, that is, the output cooling capacity in unit time. If the demand for cooling capacity is large, multiple compressor units in parallel can be selected to meet the operating requirements.

Select according to process requirements. The types of chillers vary from one model to another. Users must choose the model that suits them according to their production conditions.

According to the size of installation space and investment budget. The amount of cooling capacity of the chiller is closely related to the installation site. If the site is large and the installation location allows, try to select a large number of units to ensure sufficient cooling capacity to meet the production requirements.

Shop as needed. The brands of water chillers sold on the market are different from those of specifications.

Pay attention to the energy efficiency ratio. Energy efficiency ratio is one of the important indicators to measure the performance of a machine. Generally speaking, the higher the energy efficiency ratio, the better.

1. Operating characteristics and installation requirements of industrial chiller.

During the manufacturing process of the industrial chiller, its compressor is an important part of the whole equipment. The product uses a brand new original compressor. The whole equipment is equipped with a built-in safety protector, which is low noise, power saving and durable. The box evaporator of the industrial chiller is equipped with an automatic water make-up device, so that it can be used safely to a certain extent.

2. Laws to be followed when using antifreeze for industrial chillers.

The function of antifreeze for industrial chillers is to prevent the heat exchanger, pipe or engine cylinder block from being cracked due to the freezing of coolant. Therefore, during the operation of industrial chillers, it is necessary to replace the antifreeze of chillers in advance. Replace the appropriate antifreeze for the equipment.

3. Installation environment of chiller.

Some factory staff think that the chiller is a desuperheating machine, which can be installed in any environment, but in fact, it is not. The chiller is assembled in a room or outdoors, and should avoid corrosion, environmental pollution, sun, rain, and convenient places for installation and maintenance.

The working environment of some chillers is wet and cold, and extreme. The appearance design of chillers requires special customization. Generally, stainless steel is used to prevent rust.

Some need to have both cooling towers. There are some regulations for project installation, whether it is convenient to transport, and whether it will cause noise pollution and earthquake resistance around.

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