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How should chiller manufacturer choose?

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How should chiller manufacturer choose?

1. First, look at the production scale. The manufacturer with its own production line and large production scale, whose products are used in various industries, has been tested by the practical application of various industries, and its product quality is also guaranteed, so that there will be such a large sales volume.

2. Look at R&D capabilities. The manufacturer should have its own core technology and R&D team. With the continuous innovation of the market, the products of chillers will also change. Only with a technical team can we keep pace with the times and develop FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers that meet the market demand.

3. Product testing. It is very important to deliver the product to the customer after the comprehensive test to ensure the product quality and avoid delivering unqualified and defective products to the customer.

4. The products are complete. Product models are complete, which can meet the refrigeration requirements of various industrial equipment, and also reflect the high productivity of chiller manufacturers.

5. After sales service. The person who uses the chiller is not necessarily a professional. When chillers fail, they usually need the help of the manufacturer. If the after-sales service is not timely, the use of the chiller will be affected and production will be delayed. Therefore, the manufacturer’s after-sales link is also very important.

It is not difficult to select industrial air cooler manufacturers. When selecting an industrial air cooler manufacturer, you need to go to the production plant of the industrial air cooler manufacturer and check the humidity on site to see if you can develop and produce it yourself.

Does the material use new engineering plastics? Is the motor a copper core motor? What is a wet curtain? What certificates does the manufacturer have? If you know this, the quality of the industrial air cooler you purchased is good.

In addition to focusing on product quality, the installation project quality of industrial air cooler manufacturers is also very important. The industrial air cooler is installed on the roof or exterior wall, so the quality of the industrial air cooler installation project is very important.

You can go to the cooling ventilation box provided by the manufacturer of the industrial air cooler and actually check the installation quality of the industrial air cooler, and you can actually experience the cooling effect of the industrial air cooler.

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