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Why does the recirculating chiller leak water?

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Why does the recirculating chiller leak water?

A LX -25°C ~ +30°C Recirculating Chillers is a common device used to remove thermal energy from a machine or system to maintain its normal operating temperature. However, sometimes the circulating cooler may experience water leakage issues. Here are some possible reasons for water leakage in the circulating cooler:

1. Aging or damage of seals: The seals of the circulating cooler are usually made of rubber or plastic, and may age or be damaged after prolonged use. When there is a problem with the seal, coolant will leak out from the leak.

2. Loose pipeline connections: The pipeline connections in the circulating cooler may become loose, leading to coolant leakage. This is usually caused by prolonged use or mechanical vibration.

3. Overpressure in the cooling system: If the pressure of the circulating cooler is too high, it may cause the pipeline or seal to break, leading to water leakage. This may be caused by blockages or other malfunctions in the cooling system.

4. Coolant contamination: If the coolant in the circulating cooler is contaminated, such as the accumulation of impurities or deposits, it may cause pipe blockage or damage to the seals, leading to water leakage.

5. Design or manufacturing defects: Sometimes there may be defects in the design or manufacturing of the circulating cooler, such as improper material selection or manufacturing errors, which may lead to water leakage issues.

When water leakage occurs in the circulating cooler, it should be promptly inspected and repaired. The problem of water leakage can be solved by replacing seals, tightening pipeline connections, cleaning the cooling system, or conducting necessary repairs. Regular maintenance and upkeep can also help prevent the occurrence of water leakage in the circulating cooler.

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