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What should I pay attention to before running a 100 ton chiller?

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What should I pay attention to before running a 100 ton chiller?


1. Before the operation of the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, check whether the cooling water valve is open, whether the water tank of the chiller is filled with water, and whether the cooling water pressure is normal. Check the status of each pipeline and confirm that it is correct before starting the chiller;



2. The temperature of the frozen water cannot be set too low. If the temperature is too low, it will reduce the refrigeration efficiency of the unit. Set the water temperature to slightly lower than the required temperature, and if necessary, adjust it while operating. Adjust the water temperature according to actual needs;


When the unit experiences a fault alarm and shuts down, the machine should be paused first, and then the cause of the fault should be checked. It is not allowed to forcibly start and run until the fault is eliminated;


4. Unless in an emergency, the unit cannot be shut down by cutting off the main power supply. If the unit is stopped for a long time in winter, the unit should be shut down first, then the main power supply should be turned off, and the water in the system should be drained;



5. If any abnormal situation occurs during the operation of the chiller, the power should be immediately turned off and the maintenance personnel should be notified to handle it. The chiller power should be turned off;


Before installation, carefully inspect the chiller equipment for damage and select a suitable location. The site for installing the chiller unit is on the floor, installation pad, or foundation, and can withstand the overall weight of the equipment. The chiller should be placed in a room temperature of 4-40 degrees Celsius, with sufficient space left around the unit for future maintenance and management.


One end of the chiller should have space for cleaning the condenser tube bundle and should not be occupied by other equipment in the workshop. Choose a suitable water pipe diameter that can withstand the cooling system pressure during maximum power operation of the chiller and connect it correctly. For ordinary application scenarios, the water flow velocity through the condenser should be between 1.0 and 3.6m/s, and the water flow rate should be stable under any load situation.



The pipeline design and installation are carried out according to conventional methods. The chilled water pump is connected to the inlet pipe of the chiller to ensure positive pressure and flow inside the unit, and maintain a certain shock absorption effect to prevent the evaporator from being discharged due to the shutdown of the water pump. The fixation of pipelines and units should be separated, and hangers cannot be fixed at the same time. Avoid applying stress to the components of the chiller to create a burden.


Analyze and handle the cooling water quality of evaporators and condensers. Due to poor water quality, structural materials with larger contamination should be selected to reduce the impact of water quality scale, sedimentation, corrosion, and other factors on system heat exchange, reduce unit performance, and increase operation and maintenance costs.


Check the oil level and temperature: The oil level in the fuel tank must reach or exceed the low level mirror, and the oil temperature should be between 60 ℃ and 63 ℃. Check the control position of the guide vane: Confirm that the control knob of the guide vane is in the “automatic” position, and the indication of the guide vane is closed. Check the oil pump switch: Confirm that the oil pump switch is in the “automatic” position. If it is in the “on” position, the unit will not be able to start.

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