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What should I do if there is dirt on the pipe wall of the air cooled water chiller?

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What should I do if there is dirt on the pipe wall of the air cooled water chiller?

The maintenance of the condenser of LJ -45°C ~ -10°C Low Temperature Refrigeration Chillers generally involves using compressed air to blow away the dust on the condensing fins. When there is a lot of dirt, a non corrosive cleaning agent can also be used to clean the condenser. The air-cooled chiller unit mainly solves the problem of removing scale.

Bare coil condensers and some tubular condensers usually use acid or other chemical descaling agents to circulate in the condenser to achieve the purpose of removing scale. It is possible to continuously remove scale by adding a small amount of descaling agent to the circulating water during the operation of industrial chillers, or to use a high concentration of descaling solution to circulate in the water pipe for a short period of time during the shutdown of the refrigeration unit to achieve the purpose of descaling.

The scale on the outer coil of the evaporative condenser can be removed using tools, while the inner coil of the condenser cannot be removed using tools. Acid or other chemical descaling agents can be used to remove the scale.

The descaling of shell and tube condensers is generally done by mechanical means, such as using pneumatic or electric rotary descaling tools, or using a hard brush or appropriately sized scraper to pass back and forth in the water pipe to remove dirt.

It should be noted that the vertical shell and tube condenser can remove scale during the operation of the refrigeration system, while the horizontal shell and tube condenser must be able to remove scale more effectively during the shutdown of the refrigeration system.

The main fouling of the chiller comes from scale, which is relatively soft in hardness and has a thin scale layer. Almost every millimeter of hard scale affects the heat exchange rate by 10% to 15%, resulting in an increase in power consumption by 5% to 10%; Chemical cleaning can cause severe corrosion. When used frequently, the chiller unit will automatically trip and enter a protective state. It can easily affect the normal use of the chiller.

After a long-term operation of the compressor, dirt will be generated internally, and in severe cases, the pipeline will be completely blocked, causing the exhaust temperature of the compressor to exceed the process requirements. Therefore, the compressor must undergo regular descaling and cleaning.

Steps for chemical cleaning:

1. Close the valves of the condenser and evaporator, connect the pressure gauge tube, thermometer tube, liquid distribution box, sewage pipe, and anti-corrosion pump to form a cycle for cleaning;

2. Add acid pickling corrosion inhibitor, which will adhere to the metal inner wall of the condenser, protect the metal inner wall of the condenser, and prevent acid from reacting with it;

3. Then add solid acid cleaning agent to remove the scale mainly composed of calcium carbonate, and the amount of cleaning agent is determined based on the amount of mud deposit;

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