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What should I do if there is a water flow problem with a 5 ton chiller?

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What should I do if there is a water flow problem with a 5 ton chiller?


1. First, check the valves of the inlet and outlet pipes to see if they are closed. If not, skip this item directly. But if it is closed, then you can open it first.


2. Now let’s take a look at the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers water pump, whether it is placed inside or outside the machine, as long as it is a chilled water pump! It must be functioning properly. Of course, including the normal operation I mentioned above, only this machine is Three-phase electric power, so it is also important to note whether it is rotating forward, and there is an arrow on the water pump.


3. Let’s check the evaporator again, as we have encountered ice inside the evaporator many times in actual situations. In this case, the water cannot flow. The inspection method is to ensure that the water pump has pumped the water into the machine, but no water has come out. At this point, either the evaporator has frozen, or the pipeline or evaporator is blocked. Checking this item is a bit troublesome, we need to find a place where the water pipe can be easily removed.


But note: If the evaporator freezes, this situation must have occurred after the machine has been running for a period of time before the alarm appears, and after stopping for a period of time, it disappears. This is because the ice inside the evaporator has melted, so it is important to pay attention.


The chiller presents a “water shortage” fault code, and the equipment is in a shutdown state. The reason is usually due to water shortage, which triggers the chiller’s fault self-locking device, closes the water flow switch, and the equipment stops. Obviously, the lack of cooling water flow in the chiller can lead to a decrease in refrigeration efficiency and affect the cooling of the cooling equipment.


The temperature control imbalance during the production process can even lead to serious production problems and accidents. Generally speaking, in the development and design of chillers, self locking devices with defects such as insufficient water flow, high voltage alarm, and pump current protection have been designed to prevent equipment from continuing to operate after a malfunction and causing irreversible damage.


The following are the reasons and solutions for the lack of fault codes in water flow. Manufacturers using chillers may refer to identifying the cause of the malfunction, which is more conducive to quickly solving the problem and resuming production. The water pump or pipeline is abnormal, and the water flow cannot provide the water pump. In the water cycle of a chiller, it is a power supply device that, if not working or experiencing abnormalities.


If the cooling water cannot be delivered to the equipment cooling pipeline, there will be a problem of insufficient water flow; In addition, if the cooling water pipeline is blocked, resulting in water circulation blockage, there may also be insufficient water flow. Possible cause: The water pump is reversed; Water pump circuit open circuit; Impeller and water pipes are blocked or damaged; Solution: Correct the rotation of the water pump motor, clean the water pump or impeller, clean the water pipe, clean the filter, check the water pump seal and water inflow.

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