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What should be paid attention to when starting industrial water chiller?

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What should be paid attention to when starting industrial water chiller?

1. Open the inlet and outlet gates of the switching well according to the scheduling instructions, and close other gates.


Before starting the water pump, clean water should be injected into the connecting pipe on the stuffing box to lubricate the rubber bearing. After the pump is discharged, it can be turned down. It is advisable to check the oil level of the pump bearing position to ensure that the water and oil circuits are unobstructed.

3. Before starting the water pump, check that all connection parts are not loose. Rotate the coupling by hand to see if it is flexible and if there is a sound inside the pump.

4. When the water pump is started, no one should stand by the machine. After starting, the machine should be watched for at least five minutes to check the condition of the equipment. If there is any abnormal vibration or sound, or if there is any abnormality in the water discharge situation, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection. It is not allowed to leave the machine and pump immediately after being put into operation.


5. During the operation of the water pump, the following precautions should be taken:

(1) Check whether each instrument works normally and stably. Pay special attention to whether the Ammeter exceeds the rated current of the motor. If the current is too high or too low, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

(2) Check whether the pump flow is normal, check the water flow of the outlet pipe, estimate the running time of the pump according to the water level change of the pool, and contact the dispatcher in time.

(3) Check whether the packing plate of the water pump is heated and whether the water dripping is normal. Each shift shall not be less than eight times.

(4) Pay attention to the noise and vibration of the unit.


(5) Check the temperature rise of the bearing motor, stop the machine immediately if any abnormalities are found, and notify the on duty dispatcher.

(6) Check if the grille and water inlet are blocked and if the water level is too low.

(7) The water pump motor is generally allowed to start six consecutive times in a cold state, with an interval of at least fifteen minutes between the two starts.

For the compressor unit with water system, carefully check whether the cooling water system and chilled water system have water, whether the water pressure is normal, and whether the Plumbing of cooling water and chilled water is unblocked. Check whether the various pressure gauges, thermometers, flow meters, solenoid valves, relays, and energy regulating valves of the LJ -45°C ~ -10°C Low Temperature Refrigeration Chillers are intact and not malfunctioning.

Check the transmission device. If belt transmission is used, check whether the various protective devices are completely reliable, and whether the wrong tools and protective devices are complete and effective. Check whether the opening and closing status of various valves in the high-pressure and low-pressure systems of industrial chillers is correct during startup or operation.

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