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What should be paid attention to when maintaining the energy efficient chillers?

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What should be paid attention to when maintaining the energy efficient chillers?

(1) Clean the LX -25°C ~ +30°C Recirculating Chillers regularly.

(2) Do not start and stop the switch button frequently.

(3) Ventilation and dryness shall be ensured in the refrigerator room.

(4) Sundries and combustibles shall not be stacked near the chiller.

(5) Regularly check whether the water make-up device of the system is normal. It is strictly prohibited to have water shortage in the system.

(6) Before starting the chiller, the compressor shall be preheated first, and then the power supply shall be connected to make the host work.

(7) Finned heat exchanger in air cooling unit shall be cleaned regularly to ensure heat exchange effect.

(8) Non professional personnel are not allowed to change or disassemble the unit at will. In case of problems, professional personnel should be immediately asked to check and deal with them.

(9) In front of the exhaust fan of the air-cooled water chiller, high walls and stacking materials shall be avoided to block the exhaust passage and affect the refrigeration effect.

1. What should be paid attention to during cooler maintenance?

The condenser shall be kept in good heat dissipation condition to avoid the shutdown of the high pressure protection device of the industrial water chiller due to the high condensation temperature and related condensation pressure, which may lead to the failure.

When the chiller is shut down, the corresponding industrial chiller should be shut down half an hour before going off duty, and the chiller pump should be shut down after going off duty, which is conducive to saving energy and further avoiding failures.

During the operation of refrigeration cycle, further confirm whether all valves of heating cycle pipeline have been closed. The starting of air-cooled water chillers depends on whether the fan turns correctly. If the fan turns clockwise, it will start correctly.

If the fan turns counterclockwise, it means that the power supply needs to be changed. The water-cooled chiller shall keep the cooling tower clean, and the air around the tower shall be well circulated and the temperature shall be low to prevent impurities from entering the cooling tower to reduce heat dissipation.

As we all know, since the working mode is refrigeration, they will inevitably generate heat dissipation. If we can not dissipate heat in time when using them, the main effect of their refrigeration will be affected. Therefore, in order to provide a sound and effective refrigeration environment, heat dissipation should be carried out in a timely manner.

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