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What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of water-cooled chillers?

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What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of water-cooled chillers?


Check whether the hot water system of the chiller is normal, whether the cooling tower fan and water sprinkling shaft operate well, and whether the water make-up and moisturizing of the water storage tank embedded in the chiller are normal.


When the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers is used for six months, the system shall be reinstalled and cleaned once a year. The key cleaning parts include: cooling water tower, radiator pipe and cooler to ensure better refrigeration effect.

When the chiller is not used for a long time, immediately turn off the centrifugal water pump, refrigeration compressor and the main electric switch of the heat exhaust cooling tower.


1. How to maintain the water-cooled chiller?


(1) When the pipes, valves, circuit systems and microcomputer controllers of the air conditioning system run normally after commissioning, non professionals are not allowed to disassemble or adjust them at will. If the unit itself has problems, contact the supplier or manufacturer in time, and professional technicians will check and handle them.


(2) At ordinary times, it is necessary to regularly check whether the system water make-up device is normal, and it is strictly prohibited to have water shortage in the system.


(3) Finned heat exchanger in air cooling unit shall be cleaned regularly to ensure heat exchange effect.

2. How to operate the water-cooled chiller?


1. During shutdown, the water-cooled chiller shall be shut down one hour before off duty (depending on the situation), and the cold water pump shall be shut down after off duty to save energy and avoid


Fault shutdown to protect the unit.


2. Before running the refrigeration cycle, confirm that all valves of the heating cycle pipeline have been closed.


In addition, the water-cooled chiller should be cleaned regularly after use. Follow up treatment should be done during each operation.


After each operation


The residual substances on the water-cooled chiller should be clear, not only the surface, but also the interior of the pipe should be cleaned frequently, and the interior should be kept clean when not in use

PH value, especially after chemical cleaning, do not allow some substances with rough surface to be cleaned.


3. How does the water-cooled chiller work?


The shell and tube evaporator is used to exchange heat between water and refrigerant. The refrigerant system absorbs the heat load of the water, cools the water and generates cold water. After that, the heat is brought to the shell and tube condenser by the action of the compressor.


The refrigerant and water exchange heat, so that the water absorbs the heat and then takes the heat out of the external cooling tower through the water tube for dissipation (water cooling).


At the beginning, the compressor sucks in the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas after evaporation and refrigeration, and then compresses it into high-temperature and high-pressure gas and sends it to the condenser; The high pressure and high temperature gas is cooled by the condenser to condense the gas into a normal temperature and high pressure liquid.


When the normal temperature and high pressure liquid flows into the thermal expansion valve, it is throttled into low temperature and low pressure wet steam and flows into the shell and tube evaporator to absorb the heat of the chilled water in the evaporator so as to reduce the water temperature; The evaporated refrigerant will be sucked back into the compressor and the next refrigeration cycle will be repeated to achieve the refrigeration purpose.

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