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What is the inspection method of air cooled water chiller?

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What is the inspection method of air cooled water chiller?

1. Check the main circuit of the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers. For example, whether the power supply is energized, whether the voltage is normal, whether the starting overload fuse has been burnt, whether the air switch has tripped, whether the switch contact is in good condition, and whether the power supply is out of phase.

Observe the voltmeter and ammeter when starting. When the water chiller is not equipped with an ammeter or voltmeter, use a multimeter or a measuring pen to check the power supply. The compressor will not start when the power supply voltage is too low.

2. For piston refrigeration compressor, check whether the connecting rod big end bearing bush and curved sleeve are locked.

These may be caused by the high exhaust temperature during the previous operation, or by the coking of lubricating oil, which causes the cylinder and piston to bond, making the compressor of the water chiller unable to start.

3. Check the differential pressure relay and high and low pressure relay of the air-cooled water chiller. When the oil pressure of the compressor is abnormal (above or below a certain value), the compressor can be stopped.

At the same time, when the discharge pressure (high pressure) and suction pressure (low pressure) of the chiller compressor are abnormal, they cannot be started or the compressor will stop running soon after being started.

4. Check whether the chilled water volume, cooling water volume and water temperature of the air-cooled water chiller are normal.

If the water volume is small and the water temperature is high, it will cause the condensation pressure to rise sharply and the evaporation temperature to drop rapidly. Due to the action of the unit protection facilities, the unit will often shut down quickly.

5. It is necessary to check whether the solenoid valve and regulating valve related to the air-cooled water chiller are out of order and whether they are opened or closed as required.

6. Check whether there is working medium leakage in the temperature sensor of the temperature relay, or the adjustment is wrong.

Check whether there are cracks, damages, frosting and condensation in the pipelines of the refrigeration system;

Check whether there is any collision and friction between the cooling pipes of the air-cooled water chiller and between the pipes and the shell, especially if there is any leakage at the welding part of the refrigerant pipe and the joint joint.

If there is any leakage, there will be oil stain. Clean soft cloth and paper can also be used to scrub the welding part of the pipe and the joint joint.

Check whether the fuse of the electrical system is fused, whether the insulation of the electrical wire is intact, whether the circuit board is cracked, and whether the connection is loose. In particular, whether the electrical connection is good or not, the wiring screws and connectors are easy to loose and form poor touch.

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