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What is the fault diagnosis method of industrial air cooled chiller?

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What is the fault diagnosis method of industrial air cooled chiller?

Look at the indicated value of the pressure gauge and thermometer, the oil level of the refrigerant oil, the liquid level of the liquid storage equipment, and the set value indication of the automatic control element. These values shall conform to the parameter marks of normal operating conditions.


Check the frosting condition from the return air pipe to the suction end of the refrigeration compressor to determine the liquid supply volume and the suction superheat.

Check whether the outer wall of the crankcase and cylinder is dewed or frosted to determine whether the refrigeration compressor has wet stroke.

Check whether there are oil stains on the pipe welds, threaded joints, flanges or shaft seals to determine whether the refrigeration system is leaking.

Check whether the high-pressure pipeline, liquid filter and small thermal expansion filter screen are frosted to determine whether there is blockage.

1. What is the working principle of LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers?

Aspiration process: gas enters the rotor slot through the suction port. With the rotation of the rotor, the star gear enters the state of meshing with the rotor slot in turn. The gas entering the compression chamber is a closed space formed by the surface of the rotor slot, the inner cavity of the housing and the surface of the planetary gear teeth.


Compression process: with the rotation of the rotor, the volume of the compression chamber decreases continuously, and the gas is compressed to the front of the compression chamber.

Exhaust process: start to exhaust after the front edge of the compression chamber turns to the exhaust port, and complete the working cycle. Due to the symmetrical layout of the star wheel, it is compressed twice a week, and the exhaust volume is twice that of the cycle last week.

2. What are the characteristics of industrial air-cooled water chillers?

(1) As long as the ventilation is good, there is no need for water cooling system.

(2) The air-cooled unit does not need to be equipped with cooling water pump, cooling tower and other auxiliary equipment, which can save a lot of materials and engineering installation costs, and even does not need to set up a machine room.

(3) The company can also customize various special chillers, industrial chillers, air-cooled screw chillers according to customer requirements, and provide on-site assembly, technical guidance and on-site commissioning services.

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