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What is the difference in the 3 ton water chiller price?

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What is the difference in the 3 ton water chiller price?

The price of refrigeration unit is difficult to answer, because the price of different refrigeration capacity varies greatly, from hundreds of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. In other words, the price of different power is different, and the industrial use and household use are very different.

1. How to select the type of LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers?

Refrigeration system load=indoor load+reheat load+fresh air load. If the total load of the air conditioning system is calculated by the air conditioning load estimation index, the refrigeration system load=the total load of the air conditioning system.

When selecting the electrically driven water chiller, when the refrigerating capacity of single air conditioner Q>1163kw, centrifugal water chiller should be selected; when Q=580-163kw, centrifugal or screw water chiller should be selected; when Q<580kw, piston water chiller should be selected. When the average outdoor temperature in winter is higher than – 10 ℃, the heat pump type cold and hot water unit can be selected.

The COP of the refrigeration system of the electric refrigerator is about three times higher than that of the thermal system s of the absorption refrigerator. The order of consumption from low to high is centrifugal type, screw type, piston type and absorption type.

Therefore, absorption chillers should be selected only when there is suitable heat source, especially in places where waste heat or waste heat can be used, or in places where power is scarce.

Generally, 2-4 sets of refrigeration mechanism should be selected, 2 for medium and small scale, 3 for large scale and 4 for large scale. The possibility of mutual standby and rotation between units shall be considered. The combination scheme of units with different capacities can be adopted in the refrigeration room to save energy consumption.

When selecting refrigerators, environmental pollution should be considered: first, noise and vibration should meet the requirements of the surrounding environment; second, the harm of refrigerants to the atmospheric ozone layer and the size of the greenhouse effect.

2. External heat exchange system of 3 ton water chiller.

Chilled water circulating system: composed of chilled water pump and chilled water pipeline. The chilled water from the chiller is pressurized by the chilled water pump and then sent to the chilled water pipeline, where it exchanges heat with each room to take away the heat in the room and reduce the room temperature.

Cooling water circulating system: composed of cooling pump, cooling water pipeline and cooling tower. The chiller will release a lot of heat while cooling the water temperature.

The heat is absorbed by the cooling water, and the temperature of the cooling water rises. The cooling pump will send the heated cooling water into the cooling tower for heat exchange with the atmosphere in the cooling tower, and then send the cooling water back to the chiller.

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