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What is the cause of the cooler compressor failure?

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What is the cause of the cooler compressor failure?

1. What is the reason why the FL-800N -18°C ~ +30°C Small Water Chiller compressor cannot be started normally?

Maintenance idea:

(1) First check whether it is caused by low power supply voltage or poor connection of motor circuit. If it is determined that the grid voltage is too low, restart after the grid voltage returns to normal; if the line is in poor contact, the connection between the line and the motor should be detected and repaired.

(2) Check whether the exhaust valve plate leaks: if the exhaust valve plate is damaged or the seal is not tight, the pressure in the crankcase will be too high, which will result in failure to start normally. Replace the exhaust valve plate and the seal wire.

(3) Check whether the energy regulating mechanism fails. Mainly check whether the oil supply pipeline is blocked, the pressure is too low, the oil piston is stuck, etc., and repair according to the fault cause.

(4) Check whether the temperature controller is damaged or misadjusted; If it is misadjusted, adjust the temperature controller; If it is damaged, it shall be repaired or replaced.

(5) Check whether the pressure relay fails. Overhaul the pressure relay and reset the pressure parameters.

2. What is the cause of no oil pressure in the cooler compressor?

Maintenance idea:

(1) Check if there is oil leakage at the connection of oil pump pipeline system or if there is oil leakage at the blockage. The joints shall be fastened; If it is blocked, the oil pipeline shall be dredged.

(2) Whether the oil pressure regulating valve is opened too much or the valve core falls off. If the oil pressure regulating valve is improperly adjusted, adjust the oil pressure regulating valve and adjust the oil pressure to the required value; If the valve core falls off, reinstall the valve core and fasten it firmly.

(3) . If there is too little oil or ammonia liquid in the crankcase, the oil pump will not feed. If the oil is too little, add oil in time; In case of the latter, shut down the machine in time to remove the ammonia solution.

(4) The oil pump is severely worn and the clearance is too large, which causes the oil pressure to not rise. In this case, the oil pump shall be repaired and replaced directly in case of serious failure.

(5) . Check whether the connecting rod bearing shell, main bearing shell, connecting rod small end bushing and piston pin have been seriously worn. At this time, relevant parts shall be replaced in time.

(6) . The gasket of the crankcase rear end cover is misaligned, blocking the oil inlet passage of the oil pump, so it should be disassembled and checked, and the gasket position should be fixed again.

3. What causes a lot of foam in the crankcase of the cooler compressor?

Maintenance idea:

The foam of lubricating oil in the crankcase caused liquid slugging, mainly due to the following two reasons:

(1) There is a large amount of ammonia liquid mixed in the lubricating oil. When the pressure drops, the ammonia liquid will evaporate and produce a large amount of foam. For this, the ammonia liquid in the crankcase shall be evacuated.

(2) . There is too much lubricating oil in the crankcase, and the connecting rod big end stirs the lubricating oil to cause a lot of foam. For this, drain some of the excessive lubricating oil in the crankcase to make the oil level reach the specified oil level line.

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