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What is the cause analysis of insufficient heat of refrigeration chiller?

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What is the cause analysis of insufficient heat of refrigeration chiller?

(1) Too small type selection of FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers, resulting in insufficient heat exchange

(2) The air in the cooler is not discharged, and the cooler body is not designed with high point vent valves on the tube side and shell side, which will affect the heat exchange effect to a certain extent.

In order to reduce the impact, we install a vent valve at the highest point of the supply and return water pipes of the entire heating system. During the initial period of operation, the system will discharge steam irregularly during water filling and operation, so as to minimize the impact of air in the system on the heat exchange effect.

(3) There is scaling phenomenon in the cooler. The scaling of the cooler will have a great impact on the heat exchange effect of the cooler, resulting in the reduction of the heat exchange coefficient, the heat exchange efficiency and the low outlet water temperature.

(4) The steam quantity is insufficient. In this system, the vortex flowmeter is used for the steam metering device. Due to the limited installation conditions, the installation requirements of the steam metering device cannot be met, and the accurate data of the steam quantity entering the cooler cannot be obtained.

Solutions and precautions

1. The type of steam trap shall be selected again, and the drain pipe shall be equipped with a drain regulating valve, which is regulated and controlled by an electronic regulating system according to the water level change of the heater.

The water level signal of the heater passes through the differential pressure transmitter, proportional integral unit, operation unit, and finally the electric actuator operates the regulating valve to control the water delivery volume by regulating the valve opening. In this way, the drain water in the cooler can be discharged in time to ensure the heat exchange effect.

2. Daily attention shall be paid to the control of circulating water quality, and water quality supervision shall be strengthened to minimize the occurrence of cooler scaling;

3. For the steam metering device of the system, find a solution as soon as possible;

4. Regularly disassemble the heater for inspection or backwash, remove the impurities in the heater, and improve the efficiency of the heater. In addition, when the system is filled with water at the initial stage of equipment operation, the air in the heater must be discharged to avoid affecting the heat exchange quality.

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