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What is Energy Storage Container?

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The energy storage container is an energy storage battery system developed for the needs of the mobile energy storage market, including a monitoring system, a battery management unit, a dedicated fire protection system, a dedicated refrigeration system, an energy storage converter, and an isolation transformer.

The battery system is mainly composed of batteries connected in series and parallel: more than a dozen batteries connected in series and parallel form a battery box. Then the battery boxes are connected in series to form a battery string to increase the system voltage. Finally, the batteries are connected in series and parallel to increase the system capacity, and are integrated and installed in the battery cabinet.

The monitoring system mainly implements external communication functions, network data monitoring, and data collection, analysis and processing to ensure accurate data monitoring, high voltage, accurate current sampling, high data synchronization rate, and fast execution of remote control commands.

energy storage system chiller

High-precision single-group battery management unit. The voltage detection and daily detection functions ensure the voltage balance of the battery modules and avoid the circulation between the battery modules, which affects the operating efficiency of the system.

To ensure system safety, the container is equipped with a dedicated fire protection and refrigeration system. The fire-fighting system senses the fire alarm through smoke sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, emergency lights and other safety equipment, and automatically extinguishes the fire; the special refrigeration system controls the refrigeration and heating system through thermal management according to the external ambient temperature to ensure that the temperature inside the container is in a suitable range within, prolonging battery life.

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