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What Inspection Items should be done before the Chiller Starts?

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What Inspection Items should be done before the Chiller Starts?


For customers who purchase our chiller equipment, I hope that customers will not forget to do the inspection before starting up. Let’s take a look at what inspection items should be done before the chiller starts:refrigeration and heating circulators

1. Check whether the surrounding environment of the chiller meets the working requirements of the unit.

2. Check whether the power supply of the unit is connected and measure whether the power supply voltage is normal.

3. Check whether the water inlet and outlet are connected, and check whether the water valves of each pipeline are normally open.

4. Check whether the water tank of the chiller is full of water, and check whether the cooling water (water-cooled) can meet the needs of the unit.

5. Reminder: It is forbidden for the chiller to work without chilled water or cooling water.

After checking the above points, you can start the chiller according to the operating instructions of the chiller. After all, the quality of the installation and commissioning of the chiller is directly related to the service life and maintenance cycle of the chiller. Improper installation of the cooling water system of the chiller will result in insufficient water flow and increased flow resistance. If the voltage is too high or too low, it will cause undervoltage or overload protection of the unit, and even burn out the compressor. Therefore, the inspection before the chiller is started is an important guarantee for the effective operation of the chiller.

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