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What if the temperature of an industrial water chiller machine cannot drop?

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What if the temperature of an industrial water chiller machine cannot drop?

1. It is necessary to check whether the top fan is working properly, whether the finned condenser is too dusty, and if it is a LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, it is necessary to check whether the water tower is working properly, whether the heat dissipation water flow rate or water pressure is too low, and whether the chiller itself cannot cool down, resulting in poor cooling effect.

Check if the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the movable hot water is too large, check if the water inside the water tower is cold, if the water pressure is abnormal, and if the fan of the water tower is drawing upward.

2. The refrigerant itself is lost during the use of the chiller, so it is necessary to regularly check and add refrigerant. It is also necessary to check the copper pipe for fluorine leakage, identify the leakage point, and supplement it. Cracking and poor welding of the copper pipe can also lead to refrigerant leakage.

3. When the expansion valve malfunctions, it may result in a small valve opening and low refrigerant flow, which can easily lead to insufficient refrigeration performance. Check if the chiller pipeline is blocked and if the capillary tube is blocked by ice.

It is recommended to clean the condenser and evaporator every few months and six months. After long-term use, water circulation pipelines can easily form scale, which affects heat transfer efficiency. The thickening of scale will reduce the flow of cooling water, reduce water volume, and increase condensation pressure.

4. High equipment load: There are too many cooling equipment connected to the chiller, resulting in the chiller operating at high load. It is recommended to match a chiller group with a larger cooling capacity.

5. Wrong matching model

When the model of the chiller you choose does not match, resulting in insufficient cooling capacity, the temperature will not drop and the equipment cannot be cooled to achieve the desired cooling effect.

6. Unreasonable installation

If the temperature of the water-cooled chiller cannot drop, the possible reason is that the water tower/water pump/pipeline has not been properly installed, resulting in the inability to drop the temperature.

7. Temperature controller malfunction

When the temperature controller malfunctions, it is impossible to achieve temperature control on the device, resulting in abnormal temperature display of the temperature controller.

8. Blockage/leakage occurs

When the chiller has been in use for too long, it can cause fouling/blockage of the condenser/evaporator, poor water quality leading to pipeline blockage, and refrigerant leakage. So it will cause the temperature of the air-cooled chiller to not drop.

9. Environmental impact

When the environment is too high or too low, it will affect the cooling capacity of the chiller, especially in cases where the environmental temperature is relatively harsh, which can seriously cause the chiller temperature to not drop.

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