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What happens if the seal ring of air cooled chiller leaks?

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What happens if the seal ring of air cooled chiller leaks?

Whether the equipment can operate normally depends on whether the operating environment of the FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers meets the use needs of the enterprise. If there are many adverse factors in the operating environment of the air-cooled cooler, even if the equipment can operate stably, the energy consumption of the equipment is also increasing.

Continued use of water chillers under the premise of increasing energy consumption will only affect the cost of using water chillers for enterprises, and even lead to the longer the time of using water chillers for enterprises, the more operating expenses incurred by enterprises.

When the enterprise uses the water chiller, if the sealing ring of the equipment has serious problems, it will affect the normal use of the water chiller. Because many enterprises did not carefully analyze the operation data before using the chiller, many common small failures occurred.

In fact, small faults are not harmful. As long as the enterprise can find them in time and deal with them quickly and effectively, it can avoid the impact of various small faults on the equipment and the increasing energy consumption.

As the main equipment for enterprises to reduce space temperature, if the water chiller has sealing ring problems during operation, the longer the equipment runs, the higher the probability of failure of enterprises.

When the energy consumed by the equipment operation cannot be borne by the enterprise, the enterprise must adjust the appropriate operation plan in time. Only by reducing the operating pressure borne by the water chiller can the long-term stable operation of the equipment be ensured and any small failure of the water chiller be avoided.

Enterprises need to master a lot of knowledge to use the water chiller. If the enterprise does not realize the harm of leakage failure of the sealing ring during the operation of the equipment, the operation safety and stability of the equipment will be seriously affected no matter how long the enterprise operates the water chiller.

Only when enterprises realize the importance of sealing rings and regularly inspect the sealing rings of water chillers can they ensure the continuous operation of equipment at a low failure rate and effectively reduce the energy consumption of enterprises using water chillers.

For the leakage of floating tubesheet expansion joints, if only a few expansion joints of the air cooler leak, and the leakage is not too large, two people can use a flashlight to check at the same time in two cross directions to find the leaking expansion joints; If there is too much leakage and expansion to find the leakage point accurately with this method, it is necessary to take other methods for leakage detection.

Long-term internal leakage of air-cooled cooler will not only affect the heat exchange effect, but also cause damage to the cooler itself. Therefore, in the process of daily use, we hope you can always pay attention to the occurrence of similar problems and timely eliminate the fault.

In the process of using air-cooled cooler, the pressure of the whole steam inside the radiant heating plate and tube should be raised first, because after raising the heating temperature of the hot water, the cooling water of the condenser can be directly replaced by the lower tap water from other places, or the temperature of the cooling water can be directly reduced in the air cooler, which can actually directly increase the temperature difference required for the whole heat transfer of the heat exchanger.

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