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What are the steps for stopping the chiller cooler?

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What are the steps for stopping the chiller cooler?

The shutdown operation steps of the cooling cooler are as follows:

1. Stop the power supply to the FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers: Turn off the power switch related to the cooler to ensure that the cooler completely stops running. Before stopping the machine, it is possible to confirm whether the cooler is working properly and whether there are any abnormalities.


2. Disconnect the inlet and outlet water pipes of the cooling cooler: First, close the inlet valve to prevent new coolant from entering the cooler. Then close the water outlet valve to prevent the circulating coolant from continuing to flow out. Disconnect the inlet and outlet water pipes and ensure that the cooler is completely isolated from the external system.

3. Cleaning the cooling cooler: Clean according to the specific requirements of the cooler. Appropriate cleaning agents and tools can be used to remove dirt and sediment from the inside of the cooler. Pay attention to safety and avoid using substances or tools that may cause damage to the cooler.


4. Check the status of the cooling cooler: Check for damage, leakage, or other abnormal conditions in the cooler. If problems are found, timely measures should be taken to repair or replace the components of the cooler.

5. Close the exhaust valve of the cooling cooler: If the cooler is equipped with an exhaust valve, close the valve to prevent air from entering the cooler in the system.

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6. Record the shutdown status of the cooling cooler: After the shutdown operation is completed, record the shutdown time, reasons, and related maintenance and repair work. This helps with subsequent maintenance management and troubleshooting.

Please note that the above are the general steps for stopping the cooling cooler. The actual operation should be carried out according to the specific cooler model, installation requirements, and manufacturer’s guidelines.

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