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What are the selection steps of 200 ton chiller?

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What are the selection steps of 200 ton chiller?

(1) Determine thermal load

It is important to determine the thermal load of your application to ensure that the selected LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers is large enough for the intended application. There are several ways to determine the thermal load (in kW), but understanding the process helps to calculate the accurate thermal load.

(2) Determine coolant type, temperature and flow rate

After the heat load is known, the next step is to determine the coolant, its target temperature and the flow rate that the chiller must supply to the process. This can be determined by the heat transferred to the coolant by the process and the type of coolant used. For example, the property of water is different from that of oil.

(3) Determine the installation environment

In what environment should the chiller be installed? For example, indoor applications may have high temperature and dirty air, while outdoor installations may encounter low and high ambient temperatures. This will affect the selection of water chiller, and requires air filter, oil tank heater and other accessories.

(4) Performance chart of water chiller

Now, use the available chiller performance chart to select the chiller model that meets or exceeds the required cooling capacity according to the supply temperature of chilled water and the maximum expected ambient air temperature. Safety limits should be considered for the available frame size to maximize the value of chiller selection.

(5) Verify pump performance chart

Check the performance chart of the pump with us to ensure that the pump can increase enough pressure according to the design flow rate to meet the application requirements. In some liquid cooling systems, the coolant flow path is small or the distance is long, and the average pressure loss may be higher.

(6) Relationship between temperature difference and flow

For example, how many materials do you want to cool down to how many degrees? The cooling temperature of different plastic products is also different, which will form the ice water temperature difference required for cooling. The ice water temperature difference is generally 3 ℃ – 5 ℃, but sometimes 1 ℃ – 2 ℃. In terms of temperature difference, the smaller the temperature difference, the more ice water flow is required to take away the same heat, and the smaller the ice water flow is required.

(7) Consider the scheme with minimum energy consumption

Energy consumption refers to power consumption. In particular, the comprehensive utilization and balance of electricity, heat and cooling should be fully considered when selecting large industrial water chillers.

(8) Refrigeration and single unit refrigerating capacity

The cooling capacity of the chiller is directly related to the energy consumption and operation economic effect of the whole unit, which is noteworthy. For example, your production line needs stable and continuous cooling. Generally, there is no single water chiller. When one water chiller fails or is shut down for maintenance, it needs other water chillers to replace it. The reasonable number of units shall be selected according to the production situation.

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