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What are the requirements for the installation of 20 ton chiller?

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What are the requirements for the installation of 20 ton chiller?

(1) The installation location of the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers should be selected, and the ground mortar foundation should be laid to ensure that the ground is flat.

(2) Under the load condition, it is necessary to ensure that the water output of the industrial refrigerator is normal.

(3) The selection and connection of hoses should be based on different types of industrial refrigerators.

(4) The design and installation of the chilled water pipeline of the industrial refrigerator should be in accordance with the relevant standards. The circulating pump should be placed on the water inlet of the generator set to ensure the supply fan of the generator set.

1. Daily maintenance of water chiller.

Check and record the water temperature, water pressure, refrigerant temperature, temperature and pressure of evaporator and condenser as well as the voltage and current of the host during the operation of the host.

Judge whether the above data are normal and how to adjust them.

Check the rotating part for abnormal vibration and noise.

Check the pipeline and connector for oil or water leakage.

Keep all parts of the engine clean.

2. How to use the chiller?

The installation room temperature of industrial water chiller should be between 5 ℃ and 35 ℃. There is no shelter around and above the industrial water chiller, and enough space is reserved for smooth ventilation and ensure the normal operation of the industrial water chiller.

The pipeline installation space of the industrial water chiller should also be rich, and the pipeline connection part can use the door opening or other openings with suitable positions. The water supply and drainage in the room should be smooth.

The water pipe of the industrial water chiller shall be selected with appropriate pipe diameter to ensure the flow and pressure of the cooling system and cold water system when the industrial water chiller operates at maximum power, and ensure the correct connection between the pipes and fittings.

Rational use of the efficiency of industrial water chillers is the main method to improve the efficiency of industrial water chillers.

When using the industrial water chiller, reasonably select the capacity of the cold water, or adjust the operating speed of the industrial water chiller.

According to the load test, under the condition of ensuring the safe operation of the refrigeration equipment, when the industrial water chiller operates under the load of 70% – 80%, the power consumption per unit of cooling capacity is the minimum.

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