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What are the key points of process water chillers construction?

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What are the key points of process water chillers construction?

The FL-800N -18°C ~ +30°C Small Water Chiller shall not be deformed, and the fasteners shall not be loose or other mechanical damage.

When lifting the equipment, the lifting rope shall not be hung on the connecting pipe, positioning beam or plate.

Sufficient space shall be reserved around the cooler for easy maintenance.

The inlet and outlet pipes of hot and cold media shall be installed in the direction specified on the factory nameplate.

The pipeline connecting it shall be cleaned to prevent sundries such as sand and welding slag from entering the cooler and causing blockage.

The cooler shall be subject to hydraulic test at 1.5 times the maximum working pressure, and the steam part shall not be lower than the steam supply pressure plus 0.3MPa; The hot water part shall not be less than 0.4MPa.

1. Maintenance of industrial water chiller?

Regularly remove and replace the lubricating grease for the industrial water chiller: after the industrial water chiller has been used for a long time, the oil quality of the lubricating grease will decline, and the impurities and moisture in the internal structure of the oil will increase, so the oil quality should be checked and checked regularly.

Once any problem is found, it should be replaced immediately. The brand of oil to be replaced should preferably be based on the standard brought by the original manufacturer.

Regularly clean the condenser and condenser of the industrial water chiller: the condenser/evaporator is the second key component of the industrial water chiller, and it is better to clean it once every six months.
The cooling circulating water of the water cooler condenser is an open circulating system control circuit, and the tap water selected is applied through the closed cooling tower circulating system, which is very easy to dissolve and accumulate impurities to produce dirt on the tap water pipe, endangering the actual effect of heat exchange.

Over-thick scale will also continue to reduce the commercial circulation cross section of cooling circulating water, reduce the water flow, and increase the working pressure of cooling water. Therefore, when the applied tap water body is weak, it is better to clean it at least once a year to remove the dirt in the pipe, and it is better to carry out the actual operation of sewage treatment for tap water.

2. What is the compression process of the refrigeration cycle?

After completing the refrigeration function, the temperature and pressure of the gas from the evaporator will rise sharply after being compressed by the refrigeration compressor.

The gas discharged by the compressor turns into hot steam with high degree of superheat. When compressing gas, the compressor consumes a certain amount of compression work, but the refrigerant entropy value remains unchanged.

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