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What are the key points for the selection of 500 ton chiller?

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What are the key points for the selection of 500 ton chiller?

1. Relationship between temperature difference and flow

For example, how many materials do you want to cool down to how many degrees? The cooling temperature of different plastic products is also different, which will form the ice water temperature difference required for cooling. The ice water temperature difference is generally 3 ℃ – 5 ℃, but sometimes 1 ℃ – 2 ℃. In terms of temperature difference, the smaller the temperature difference, the more ice water flow is required to take away the same heat, and the smaller the ice water flow is required.

2. Consider the scheme with minimum energy consumption

Energy consumption refers to power consumption. In particular, the comprehensive utilization and balance of electricity, heat and cooling should be fully considered when selecting LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers.

3. Refrigeration and refrigeration capacity of single machine

The cooling capacity of the chiller is directly related to the energy consumption and operation economic effect of the whole unit, which is noteworthy. For example, your production line needs stable and continuous cooling. Generally, there is no single water chiller. When one water chiller fails or is shut down for maintenance, it needs other water chillers to replace it. Reasonable number of units shall be selected based on production conditions.

4. Refrigeration and single unit refrigerating capacity

The cooling capacity of the water chiller is directly related to the energy consumption and operating economic benefits of the whole unit, which is worthy of attention. In particular, when designing a cold station, a single chiller is generally not set. This is mainly due to the fact that if a chiller breaks down or the maintenance is interrupted, the production will not be interrupted, and a reasonable number of units must be selected according to the production situation.

5. Temperature range

When selecting industrial water chillers, the temperature requirements of enterprises should be considered first. The level of temperature is of great practical significance to the selection and system configuration of water chillers. For example, there is often a fundamental difference between water chillers for air conditioning and water chillers for cryogenic engineering.

6. Environmental protection

When selecting industrial water chillers, environmental protection must be considered, as well as the needs of production, scientific research and life. For example, when the water chiller works, it will produce noise, and the noise value will increase or decrease according to the size of the water chiller. Some refrigerants used in the chiller are toxic, irritant, flammable and explosive. Moreover, some refrigerants will destroy the ozone layer in the atmosphere and bring disasters to mankind to a certain extent.

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