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What are the installation steps of the 3 ton chiller?

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How to install a 3 ton chiller?

Before installing the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, the appropriate location should be selected instead of random selection. If you choose a place where the surrounding environment is crowded and the ground is uneven, the water chiller will fail and the maintenance will be very poor.


Therefore, when choosing a place, it is best to choose an open, unobstructed place that will not be directly exposed to the sun and will not be soaked by rain in rainy days. At the same time, the ground also needs to be leveled.

When selecting the cooling water tower, if it is necessary to configure the pipeline according to the refrigeration capacity of the refrigeration mechanism, it should also be installed according to the size of the body pipeline, and the size should not be reduced. If this happens, it will cause high voltage overload and increase power consumption.

In order to avoid uneven heat dissipation and increase power consumption, the installation distance must be controlled when installing air-cooled refrigerators.


The site for installing the 3-ton water chiller must be the floor, installation pad or foundation, with its levelness within 6.4mm, and can bear the operating weight of the unit. The 3-ton water chiller should be placed in the machine room with a room temperature of 4.4-43.3 ℃. There should be enough space around and above the 3-ton water chiller for daily maintenance.

At one end of the 3-ton water chiller, the pumping space for cleaning the condenser tube bundle shall be reserved, and the door opening or other openings at appropriate positions can also be used.


Select the water pipe with proper pipe diameter, the cooling system and the cooling water system when the 3t water chiller operates at maximum power, and connect them correctly.

For ordinary applications, the water flow velocity through the evaporator and condenser is allowed to be between 1.0-3.6m/s. The water flow shall be stable under any load.

All chilled water and cooling water pipes shall be designed and installed according to the conventional method. The chilled water pump shall be located on the inlet pipe of the unit to ensure the positive pressure and flow in the 3-ton chiller.

Damping pipes shall be set during piping to ensure proper elasticity, and to prevent the evaporator water from being discharged when the water pump stops.

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