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What are the hidden dangers in the use of water cooled chiller system?

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What are the hidden dangers in the use of water cooled chiller system?

1. Whether the copper pipe is blocked due to impurities in the condenser and evaporator, which causes the flow rate to slow down.

2. The filter or expansion valve may be blocked by impurities.

3. There may be leakage of snow seeds or insufficient refrigerant.

4. There may be insufficient water in the water tank. The water tank is equipped with automatic water replenishing device to check whether there is any damage.

5. Due to water quality, especially check the cooling water tower.

Before the actual operation of the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, it is necessary to configure complete protection measures for the water-cooled refrigerator system.

Especially for the protection of voltage and current, it is very important. Because many enterprises use different voltage ranges, industrial water chillers may have voltage overload and other problems when running at high speed. If the industrial water chillers can be equipped with voltage overload protectors.

When the voltage exceeds the bearing range of the industrial water chiller, the industrial water chiller will automatically cut off the power supply, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the electricity environment and reduce the serious failure of the industrial water chiller caused by the voltage change.

The overheating protection of industrial water chillers is very important as a basic protection measure. The operating temperature of the water chiller equipment in normal operation is within the safe range.

If the temperature of the ice chiller changes in a large range after long-term operation, and even leads to the short circuit of the industrial water chiller and other problems, then the equipment will use the self-protection device to reduce the safety hazards caused by excessive temperature.

Because the function of overheat protection of industrial water chiller is very important, and it can reduce the impact of environmental temperature and other factors, resulting in industrial water chiller operating at high load.

Therefore, many industrial water chillers sold on the market are equipped with high-quality overheat protection devices. Through overheat protection for the equipment, the effect of improving the operation safety of the refrigerator and extending the service life of the industrial water chiller can be achieved.

Whether the high and low pressure are normal:

When the difference between high pressure and low pressure is small or equal when the compressor is running, we should check whether the valve plate of the compressor is damaged or broken, and immediately stop the operation and notify the supplier to send someone to deal with it.

The indicator light of insufficient refrigerant is on:

When the water temperature of the water-cooled refrigerator is above 5 ℃ and the pressure of the low pressure gauge is lower than 2kg/cm2, it indicates that the refrigerant is insufficient.

At this time, we must carry out leak detection. If there is a leakage point, we should make up for it, then replace the drying filter and vacuum again, and fill the refrigerator with appropriate refrigerant.

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