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What are the debugging steps for industrial water chiller?

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What are the debugging steps for industrial water chiller?

The debugging steps for industrial chillers are as follows:

1. Confirm equipment installation: Firstly, ensure that the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers is correctly installed in the designated location and firmly connected to the pipeline. Check if all valves, connectors, and electrical wiring are secure and correctly wired.


2. Check the liquid circuit: Check whether the liquid level of the coolant circulation system meets the requirements and ensure that the quality and concentration of the coolant are normal. Confirm that the start and stop control devices of the pump are working properly.

3. Check the electrical system: Check the electrical system of the chiller to ensure that all electrical components and cables are connected correctly, without looseness or damage. Check if the grounding of the motor and control cabinet is reliable.


4. Debugging control system: According to the equipment manual, adjust the control system of the chiller to manual mode and check each control parameter item by item for accuracy. Confirm that the readings of temperature, pressure, flow rate and other instruments match the actual situation.

5. Start the chiller: Follow the equipment operation instructions and gradually start various equipment of the chiller, such as compressors, condensers, evaporators, etc. Pay attention to observing whether the equipment operates smoothly and has no abnormal sounds or vibrations.

6. Adjusting equipment parameters: Gradually adjust the parameters of the chiller unit based on actual needs and equipment specifications, such as coolant temperature, flow rate, pressure, etc. Ensure that the equipment can achieve the required cooling effect.


7. Check safety devices: Check whether the various safety devices of the chiller are working properly, such as high temperature protection, low temperature protection, pressure protection, etc. Ensure that the equipment can be shut down and protected in a timely manner in case of abnormal situations.

8. Record the debugging process: During the debugging process, timely record all parameters and operating steps. If any abnormal situations occur, detailed records should be kept and promptly reported to relevant personnel.

The above are the basic steps for debugging industrial chillers, but the specific operation still needs to be carried out according to the equipment model and manufacturer’s instructions. When debugging, it is essential to follow relevant safety operating procedures to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

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