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What are the control schemes for the cryogenic cooler?

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What are the control schemes for the cryogenic cooler?


(1) FL-800N – 18 ° C~+30 ° C Small Water Chiller shall control refrigerant flow according to outlet temperature to control inlet flow of liquid ammonia, liquid level indication or interlock alarm, or selective control scheme.

(2) The upper limit of liquid level can be limited by controlling the heat transfer area to ensure that the ammonia cooler has enough evaporation space so that there is no liquid ammonia in the gas ammonia.


(3) The control of vaporization pressure is rapid and sensitive, but the pressure of ammonia cooler is required to be high.


1. What are the advantages of low temperature cooler?


(1) The air cooled fully enclosed compressor unit is used for refrigeration, and the microcomputer intelligent control is adopted. The refrigeration system is automatically opened, delayed, closed, overheated, and overcurrent multiple protection devices.


(2) The internal cooling liquid is output to cool or stabilize the external experimental vessel or establish two constant temperature fields.

(3) The microcomputer is equipped with a timing shutdown function. After this function is enabled, the timing shutdown time can be set arbitrarily within 0-100 hours.


(4) Double windows, red and green LEDs are used to display the temperature set value and temperature measurement value. The numerical resolution is 0.1 ℃. The microcomputer can correct the deviation of the temperature measurement value to make the digital display accuracy reach ± 0.1 ℃.


2. How to use the cryogenic cooler?


(1) The operators who come to operate this cryogenic refrigeration unit must have work experience, have received relevant learning and training, master the professional skills of operation, and can follow the safety operation technical specifications to carry out the work.


(2) Before operating the refrigerator, check whether the refrigeration water inlet valve is open, whether the water storage tank of the refrigerator can be filled with water, and whether the cooling circulating water pressure is normal. Do not operate when there is little water.


(3) The opening sequence of the water cooler refrigerator is: first turn on the refrigeration centrifugal pump, then turn on the refrigeration compressor; The standby order is to turn off the refrigeration compressor first, and then turn off the refrigeration centrifugal pump.


3. What is the refrigeration principle of the cryogenic cooler?


The refrigerant is adiabatic compressed to a higher pressure by the compressor, which consumes work to raise the exhaust temperature. After that, the refrigerant conducts heat exchange with the surrounding media isothermal through the condenser to transfer heat to the surrounding media.


After the refrigerant is adiabatic expansion through the shut-off valve, the refrigerant temperature decreases. Finally, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the object with higher temperature through the evaporator isothermally, reducing the temperature of the object to be cooled. This cycle repeats itself to cool down.

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