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What are the Consequences of Poor Sealing of the Chiller?

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What are the Consequences of Poor Sealing of the Chiller?


If you want to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, you should ensure that its sealing is good. Once the sealing is not good, it will cause air to enter the refrigeration system, which will easily lead to the following consequences:air cooled chiller

1. Once the sealing performance is not good and the air enters the condenser, the air itself will occupy a certain volume and increase the condensation pressure, thus affecting the stable operation of the chiller.

2. The air will form a gas layer on the heat transfer surface of the condenser. This gas layer will block the dissipation of hot gas, thereby affecting the heat transfer efficiency of the equipment.

3. The air will increase the condensing pressure, resulting in a decrease in the cooling capacity of the equipment, which not only increases energy consumption, but also increases equipment loss.

It can be seen that the airtightness of the chiller is very important. Generally, manufacturers will carefully test the performance of the equipment when leaving the factory to ensure that there are no major problems with the equipment. When you are using it and find that the airtightness of the equipment is not good, then you need to contact the manufacturer to solve it. .

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