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What are the advantages of water cooling system?

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What are the advantages of water cooling system?

(1) High EER value, low noise, stable operation. From the perspective of motor selection, low-noise fan motor is adopted, with excellent cooling and condensation effect, stable throttling mechanism, and excellent rust prevention treatment. Ergonomic panel, fully automatic control, equipped with precise electric temperature controller, can operate stably for a long time.

(2) The LN -60°C ~ -10°C Cryogenic Water Cooled Chillers is small in size, large in refrigerating capacity, excellent in low-temperature performance, reliable and durable.

The product is designed according to the characteristics of industrial application, with built-in low-temperature circulating water pump and stainless steel chilled water tank, which is extremely convenient to use. All materials in contact with water are made of anti-corrosion materials, which effectively prevent rust and corrosion. The microcomputer LED quantity controller is used.

It has the functions of temperature display, temperature setting, automatic regulation of freezing water temperature and compressor delay protection.

Select famous brand contactor, relay and other electrical components, equipped with perfect indicator lights and switches, and the operation is clear at a glance. Built in electronic water level indicator and alarm device, low water level automatic alarm, the operator can grasp the water level of the freezing water tank through the control panel, and timely replenish water.

With unique modular design, the system of each compressor is safe and independent, and even if one system has problems, the normal operation of other systems will not be affected.

(3) Moreover, the water-cooled chiller does not need a cooling tower, so it is very simple to install. It can be moved according to the needs, which is very convenient. It is more suitable for the situation where the water source is lack of water tower.

1. What is a water-cooled refrigerator?

Water cooled chillers are widely used in medical, food, biological, chemical and other industries. They are called water-cooled because they exchange heat through water and are equipped with special cooling towers.

This type of refrigerator is mainly suitable for plastic and mechanical processing, which can rapidly cool down and provide stable temperature control without being affected by environmental factors.

2. What is the function of the water cooling system?

The general operation process of water-cooled chillers: First, let’s get rid of water-cooled chillers and air-cooled chillers. This is just a classification of condenser heat dissipation methods and cooling methods. The local operation process of water-cooled chillers is the same regardless of air cooling or water cooling.

From the start of the water-cooled chiller, it is mentioned that the tightening time is to inhale the refrigerant from the suction pipe and the refrigerator gas with low temperature and pressure, and then tighten it. If it is tightened, the refrigerant will become hot and the pressure will become higher. The tightening results are different depending on the tightening ratio and different types of compressors.

After the tightening, the compressed refrigerant gas with high temperature and pressure previously formed is squeezed from the exhaust pipe at the tightening time. When the refrigerant enters the condenser, the condenser will start to play its role.

The condenser will not work actively. It will only work passively because the compressor pushes out the gas. It is a machine rather than a component. The effect of the condenser is condensation, that is, cooling the refrigerant.

3. What is the purpose of the water cooling system?

Water chillers are generally used for air conditioning units and industrial cooling. In air conditioning systems, chilled water is usually distributed to heat exchangers or coils in air handling units or other types of terminal equipment for cooling in their respective spaces, and then the cooling water is redistributed back to be cooled.

In industrial applications, chilled water or other liquid cooling pumps are used through processes or laboratory equipment. Industrial chillers are used to control all walks of life for product, mechanism and plant mechanical cooling.

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