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What are the advantages of the refrigerated chiller?

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What are the advantages of the refrigerated chiller?

Compared with ordinary refrigerators, GX/GY -65°C ~ -10°C Industrial Refrigerators can reach the chilled water inlet and outlet temperature of – 20 ℃/- 25 ℃; The cooling inlet and outlet air temperature is 30 ℃/38 ℃.

From the data information, we can see that the production efficiency of the cryogenic refrigerator is very excellent, because more than 80% of the domestic cryogenic refrigerators use imported medium and low temperature compressors.

Under the premise of ensuring sufficient production efficiency, the service life of the cryogenic refrigerator can be greatly increased, saving a lot of maintenance costs in the middle and later stages for enterprises.

Low temperature refrigerators are all made of well-known brand parts with superior quality. Compared with general refrigerator equipment, low temperature refrigerators operate more stably and can provide lower temperature.

With the help of high-quality water pumps, they can achieve the purpose of high flow and improve the ability of the body to withstand low temperature. Under the high efficiency working environment, low temperature refrigerators also have a long service life and very low failure rate.

The parts and components of the traditional refrigerator are relatively outdated, while the cryogenic refrigerator uses a water tank evaporator made of 304 stainless steel, and automatically carries out all the water replenishment processes in a timely and effective manner under the control of a microcomputer.

Therefore, in the daily maintenance process of the cryogenic refrigerator, the cleaning process is extremely simple, which is entirely due to the high-quality design concept.

1. How does the freezer automatically cancel the time?

Automatic logout means that when a user has an account and logs in, the logged in account will be automatically logout if there is no operation for a long time.

The working principle of ethylene glycol refrigerator at minus 30 ℃ is to start timing when the touch screen is not operated, and automatically log off when the set value is reached. Each time the touch screen is operated, the timing will be reset. This parameter has the power off holding function, and the user’s parameters will be retained next time.

2. How to choose the language of the refrigerator?

At present, the operating system of ethylene glycol refrigerator at minus 30 ℃ only supports two languages, English and simplified Chinese. Users can choose according to their own language strengths. The language selection has the power off holding function, that is, the next power on will continue this language. Of course, other languages can also be customized.

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