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Water System Inspection for Water-cooled Chillers

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Water System Inspection for Water-cooled Chillers


1. Inspection content of chiller

Check the cooling water, pipelines, cooling towers, pools and other places connected to the outside of the water-cooled chiller, and ensure that there are no impurities or foreign objects in the pipelines.

Check whether the wiring of the pressure gauge and thermometer at the water side is normal. The pressure gauge should be perpendicular to the water pipe, and the installation of the thermometer must ensure that its temperature detector can be directly inserted into the water pipe.

2. Inspection of cooling water and pipelinesemiconductor chiller

Check whether there is any leakage in the water pipeline, test run the cold water and the cold water pump, and pay attention to the stability of the water pressure. Pay attention to the pressure gauges at the inlet and outlet of the pump. When the water pressure is stable, the reading of the pressure gauge and the difference in inlet pressure will vary little.

Observe whether the working current of the pump is within the range of the rated working current. If there is a large deviation from the rated value, check the resistance of the system until the actual working current reaches the specified value.

3. Inspection of the chiller

Check whether the cooling tower/expansion make-up equipment of the chiller is normal, the automatic exhaust valve in the water system, the water pressure of the evaporator and condenser, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The cooling water inlet and outlet pressure must be greater than 0.2 MPa.

Check the fan noise and the tightness of the fan belt to ensure that the connecting belt between the fan and the motor does not produce slippage and abnormal sound during operation. Check whether the switch of the float valve is sensitive and whether the water level in the water tank is appropriate. If there is any problem, it should be adjusted or replaced immediately.

4. Inspection of water tower

Whether the rotation speed of the water distribution equipment of the circular cooling water tower is stable and uniform. If the water column is unstable, it means that there is air in the pipeline, which will cause the water supply volume of the water supply system to change, and the water must be discharged first. Has the rotation speed of the cooling water tower slowed down, or there is no water at some outlets.

If such a situation occurs, it is likely to be caused by the dirt inside the water pipe or the bacteria attached to the water outlet, which will reduce the flow of cooling water and the amount of water that does not come out, so the cooling tower should be cleaned frequently.

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