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Water Cooled Chiller Troubleshooting

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Water Cooled Chiller Troubleshooting


Common fault 1: Is the high and low voltage normal?

Maintenance method: When the compressor is running, and the difference between high pressure and low pressure is small or equal, there is a fault, then we must check whether the valve plate of the compressor itself is damaged or broken, and immediately stop the operation, and notify the supplier to send someone to deal with it.

Common fault 2: The indicator light is on due to insufficient refrigerant

Maintenance method: When the water temperature of the water-cooled chiller is above 5°C, and the low-pressure gauge pressure shows less than 2kg/cm2, it means that the refrigerant is insufficient. At this time, we must carry out leak detection work. If there is a leak, we should repair the leak, then replace the drier filter and re-vacuum, and fill the chiller with appropriate refrigerant.

Common fault 3: reverse phase

Maintenance method: When this fault occurs in the water-cooled chiller, the phase protection will be timely. The reason for the reverse phase is the reverse of the water pump and the compressor. At this time, we can exchange any two phases in the power phase line. If it is a phase loss, we only need to use a multimeter to measure whether the three-phase power supply is normal, and check whether the power cord is disconnected.

Common fault 4: Poor heat dissipation results in slow cooling speed or failure to cool

Maintenance method: If the condenser of the water-cooled chiller has poor heat dissipation, the compressor efficiency will be low, the operating current will increase, and the high-pressure pressure will rise to 20kg/cm2. At this time, the compressor will be tripped due to high-pressure protection, causing it to stop running. Check whether the circulating water of the cooling water tower is normal, whether the cooling water temperature is too high, and whether the cooling water valve is fully opened, whether the condenser is dirty and blocked, etc. After these are normal, press the reset button to operate normally.

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