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Vacuum Sintering Furnace Cooling Equipment

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Vacuum sintering furnace is a device that uses induction heating to carry out protective sintering of heated objects. There are power frequency, intermediate frequency, and high frequency types. During its working process, chiller equipment is an indispensable cooling device. Cooling water is supplied to the sinter furnace body or vacuum system to keep the sinter furnace body or vacuum system within the proper temperature range.

First of all, vacuum sintering furnace is a kind of equipment commonly used in the manufacture of metals, ceramics and other materials. Its working principle is to adjust the material structure and improve the physical properties of the material by placing the sample in a vacuum environment and sintering at high temperature. It is mainly composed of three parts: heating furnace body, vacuum system and control system.

cryogenic cooling chiller

Secondly, the feature and advantage of LNEYA chiller is that it can realize the automatic adjustment of water temperature, avoiding the occurrence of problems such as equipment failure and production accidents caused by too high or too low water temperature. At the same time, the chiller equipment also has the characteristics of low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, which provides safer and more stable support for the production process.

For refined industrial production, the special chiller for vacuum sintering furnace is becoming a trend, providing more precise temperature control for equipment, so as to achieve safer and more efficient equipment operation and improve the overall material quality.

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