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Ultra Low Temperature Freezer -150℃ To -10℃

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Ultra Low Temperature Freezer -150℃ To -10℃


Ultra Low Temperature Freezer is widely used in the cold treatment process of industrial parts, also known as industrial cold assembly box, which mainly uses the refrigerant medium to cool the parts that need to be loaded into the base hole first, so that the external dimensions can be shrunk and assembled easily.

When Ultra Low Temperature Freezer handles steel bearing rollers with small size and thin wall thickness, cold treatment or cryogenic treatment can basically meet the requirements. The precipitation of carbides in Ultra Low Temperature Freezer will give the metal wear resistance Significant improvements in performance and friction performance will be achieved, as will an increase in hardness, which will directly increase the life of the wear parts.

Due to the particularity of the industry, different manufacturers have their own requirements for its size. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer can customize non-standard size, ultra-low temperature freezer (-150 ℃), optional PLC controller, color touch screen, temperature recorder and other equipment , all users are welcome to customize.

The application prospect of Ultra Low Temperature Freezer in the manufacturing industry: In the process of mold manufacturing and production, the quality of the mold directly affects the operating conditions of the enterprise. The use of cryogenic treatment technology can improve the service life of the mold and increase the economic benefits of the enterprise. Cryogenic treatment in low-temperature cold assembly boxes has broad application prospects in the fields of aerospace, construction machinery, roads and bridges, semiconductors, electrical appliances, and computers.

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