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Top Chilled Water System Manufacturer

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Top Chilled Water System Manufacturer

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In different industrial productions, the process of heat production is different, and the objects to be cooled are also quite different. The main cooling objects are condensers, heat exchangers, oil (gas or liquid) coolers, generator sets and compressor sets, blast furnaces, steelmaking and rolling mills, chemical reactors, etc. Cooling water enters these devices and is heated by contact with the hot walls. This chilled water system of using water to cool the process medium is called chilled water system. There are usually two types of chilled water systems: direct current chilled water system and circulation chilled water system.

Top Chilled Water System Manufacturer

Types of chilled water systems

(1) DC chilled water system

In the direct current chilled water system, the cooling water is only used once by the heat exchange equipment and then discharged, so direct current water is also called primary utilization water. The DC chilled water system usually consumes a lot of water, the temperature rise of the water after passing through the heat exchange equipment is small, and the temperature of the discharged water is also low, and the contents of various minerals and ions in the water basically remain unchanged. This chilled water system requires less investment, is easy to operate, and does not require high water quality, but it has a large amount of water intake and high operating costs, which do not meet the requirements of water saving and energy saving. Even in areas with abundant water resources, direct current chilled water system is not advocated. The original straight-line chilled water system in many factories has also been gradually transformed into a circulating chilled water system.

(2) Cycle chilled water system

In the circulating chilled water system, the cooling water is used repeatedly. The temperature of the water rises after passing through the heat exchange equipment, and the water temperature is lowered by the cooling tower or other cooling equipment, and then the water is sent to the chilled water system by the pump for reuse, which greatly improves the water reuse rate and saves a lot of industrial waste. use water. The circulating chilled water system is divided into two types: closed type and open type.

closed cycle chilled water system

The water circulates in this kind of airtight station for heat exchange. After the cooling water is heated up, it does not come into direct contact with the atmosphere. In another heat exchange device, it is cooled by other cooling media and then reused to cool the high-temperature heat medium. This kind of closed chilled water system must use soft water or pure water with very low salt content. During the cooling water circulation process, it is not directly exposed to the air, the water loss is small, and the contents of various minerals and ions in the water generally do not change. The content of dissolved oxygen and impurities is very small, and it is not in contact with sunlight, which is not conducive to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms such as bacteria and algae. Scaling and corrosion in the station are less likely to occur, and the amount of sewage discharged is also small. Therefore, this water quality treatment method is relatively simple and easy to maintain. Moreover, the amount of added water is very small, which is conducive to the saving of water resources.

Open circulation chilled water system

In the open circulating chilled water system, the cooling water is also recycled, but the recooling of the water is carried out through the cooling tower. The cooling water is in contact with the air during the circulation process, and part of the water will be evaporated and lost when passing through the cooling tower. Lose. When the ion content in the station reaches a certain value, a certain amount of fresh water should be added.

How the chilled water system works

The chiller compresses the refrigerant into a liquid state through the compressor and then sends it to the evaporator for heat exchange with the chilled water to cool the chilled water. The chilled water pump sends the chilled water to the cooling coil at the air outlet of each fan, and the fan blows cold air to achieve cooling. Purpose. The evaporated refrigerant releases heat in the condenser and exchanges heat with the cooling circulating water. The cooling water pump sends the cooling water with heat to the heat dissipation water tower, and the water tower fan sprays and cools it. heat exchange between them, dissipating heat to the atmosphere.


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