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Thermal Oil Heater

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Thermal oil heater is a kind of equipment widely used in industry, medical treatment, laboratory and other fields. It has the functions of adjusting ambient temperature and controlling heating power. It can ensure the stability and continuity of the heating equipment, because it can precisely control the heating power and temperature, so that the production efficiency is improved, and it can ensure the safety and quality of the product.

industrial production

Thermal oil heaters are widely used in industrial production, such as mold trimming, plastic molding, glass quenching and processing of large copper parts. It can control and adjust the power and temperature of the heating equipment to ensure the safety and quality of the product while improving the production efficiency.

medical research

In the medical field, thermal oil heaters are mainly used in in vitro culture, cell treatment and enzyme reactions. It can provide a stable and dangerously reduced temperature for the research and development and production of biological products, and help to improve the growth and reproduction of animals and microorganisms.

laboratory research

In the field of scientific research, thermal oil heaters are widely used in environmental simulation, laboratory experiments and sample preparation. It can provide a stable temperature for the test environment, thus ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the experimental data.

heating circulator

Household wall-hung furnace

The thermal oil heater can also be used as the control core of the household wall-hung boiler to monitor and control the heating temperature in real time. While ensuring family heating in winter, it takes environmental protection and energy conservation into consideration.

automobile industry

Thermal oil heaters play an important role in the automotive industry, especially in brake and oil systems. It ensures that the brakes are at the ideal operating temperature, reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

Aerospace Technology

In the field of aerospace, thermal oil heaters are mainly used in the temperature control of engine combustion chambers and aerospace components. The goal of ensuring high temperature resistance of components, reducing weight, improving safety and increasing reliability is achieved.

In a word, thermal oil heater plays an important role in various fields, and its wide application ensures the high efficiency and stability of production and scientific research.

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