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Thermal Chiller

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Thermal Chiller

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Thermal chiller is an instrument that can test objects alternately in high and low temperature environments. It usually consists of cooling system, heating system, control system and test area. The cooling system usually adopts refrigerant circulation cooling method, which can reduce the temperature of the test area to below -100℃. The heating system usually uses electric heating tubes or heaters for heating, which can raise the temperature of the test area to above 200°C. The control system realizes alternating high and low temperature tests by controlling the temperature sensor and controller. The test area usually has adjustable temperature range and time control functions to accommodate different testing needs.

The components of thermal chiller are:

1. Temperature control system: Built-in temperature sensor and controller for monitoring and maintaining the set temperature value. Temperature control can be achieved and has stability and reliability.

2. Heating and cooling system: It has heating and cooling functions and can provide high or low temperature environment as needed. Heating systems use electric heating rods or heating elements to generate heat energy, while refrigeration systems use compressors and refrigerants to perform the cooling process.

3. Circulation system: The temperature control medium (usually water or oil) is sent to the target equipment or container through a circulation pump. The circulation system ensures even temperature distribution and provides fast temperature response.

4. Safety protection system: Equipment is usually equipped with safety devices such as overheating protection, overload protection, and leakage protection to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.


Thermal Chiller


Advantages of thermal chiller:

1. Precise control: It can achieve precise control of the target temperature and has high temperature stability and accuracy.

2. Wide application: It can meet the temperature requirements of various fields, such as material testing, biological experiments, medical testing, etc.

3. Energy saving: Equipped with heating and cooling systems, as well as a circulation system, it can quickly reach the set temperature and maintain it constant, while saving energy consumption.

4. Safe and reliable: The equipment has a variety of built-in safety protection mechanisms to ensure that the equipment operates safely and reliably, and has the ability to operate continuously for a long time.

It should be noted that when operating, the instructions for use and safe operating procedures should be followed to ensure correct operation and avoid potential dangers. Thermal chiller is widely used in product reliability testing and durability testing in electronics, automobile and other industries.


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