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The Working Principle and Advantages of Industrial Chillers

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The Working Principle and Advantages of Industrial Chillers


In many industrial productions, industrial chillers are indispensable auxiliary equipment. This equipment has three more important systems, electrical automatic control system, refrigerant circulation system, and water circulation system. These three systems constitute a relatively complete constant temperature and constant current. Function.cryogenic water chiller

The working principle of industrial chiller:

The working principle of an industrial chiller has a lot to do with its structure. It is mainly composed of four parts: evaporator, expansion valve, compressor, and condenser, so as to achieve the effect of heating and cooling.

When the equipment is running, the compressor sucks in the low-pressure and low-temperature refrigerant gas after evaporation and refrigeration, and then it will be compressed into high-pressure and high-temperature gas and transmitted to the condenser. After cooling by the condenser, the gas becomes normal temperature and high pressure. liquid;

The normal temperature and high pressure liquid flows to the thermal expansion valve under the operation of the equipment, and becomes low pressure and low temperature wet steam after throttling. The wet steam flows into the evaporator, and after being sucked into the frozen water in the evaporator, the water temperature drops and is evaporated Afterwards, the refrigerant returns to the compressor of the industrial chiller again to continue the next round of refrigeration.

The advantages of industrial chillers

Generally speaking, industrial chillers belong to a closed-loop system, which can provide good cooling water for projects, and can be used repeatedly, which can save water costs for enterprises.

Its operation is relatively simple, and many operating programs and interfaces can be set humanized, and it adopts the plug-and-play mode.

The product is simple in structure, compact in appearance, flexible in installation, uses relatively high-quality refrigeration parts, has low noise and high energy efficiency ratio.

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