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The Role of the Intercooler in the Chiller

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The Role of the Intercooler in the Chiller


An intercooler is a common refrigeration system for chillers. The intercooler is suitable for two-stage or multi-stage compression chiller refrigeration systems, and is connected between the low-pressure stage exhaust pipe and the high-pressure stage suction pipe, which can effectively avoid the high-pressure stage compressor of the chiller. The refrigerant liquid is subcooled before entering the evaporator. So what is the use of an intercooler in a chiller?

In the chiller, the high-pressure liquid refrigerant from the condenser will enter the intercooler in two ways: one way into the serpentine coil, and the other way into the container shell and the space outside the coil.

Therefore, the intercooler can be said to be a heat exchanger between the refrigerants in the chiller, and its role is to:

1. Reduce the exhaust temperature of the low pressure stage of the chiller.

2. Separate the lubricating oil entrained in the low-pressure stage exhaust of the chiller.

3. Cool the liquid refrigerant in the serpentine coil to make it supercool.

Reminder: Although the intercooler plays a very important role in the chiller, it is also very important to keep the refrigerant level in the cooler constant when we choose the intercooler. For example, in an ammonia two-stage compression chiller, the intercooler used in the system uses a float valve or a liquid level controller and a liquid supply solenoid valve as the liquid supply device. In the Freon two-stage compression chiller, its intercooler uses a thermal expansion valve as a liquid supply device.

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