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The Role of Cooling Towers on Water Cooled Chillers

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The Role of Cooling Towers on Water Cooled Chillers


Chillers are widely used in various industries, and different industries have different requirements for chillers. Therefore, there are many types of chillers. Common chillers can be divided into air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers. Usually, air-cooled chillers do not need to install cooling towers, while water-cooled chillers must be installed with cooling towers to operate. The following lneya refrigeration manufacturer will introduce the reasons why water-cooled chillers are equipped with cooling towers:

The heat of the high-pressure copper tube generated by the compressor of the water-cooled chiller needs to use the circulating water of the cooling tower as a heat dissipation cycle to keep the temperature of the high-pressure tube normal and avoid high-pressure alarms. Generally, the inlet water temperature of the cooling water tower is 37°C and the outlet water temperature is 32°C to ensure the normal operation of the compressor. Excessive cooling water temperature can cause high pressure failure. The optional cooling water tower is determined according to the water treatment volume and inlet temperature per hour, and the type selection should be based on the power of the chiller.

The role of the cooling tower in the water-cooled chiller:

The cooling water tower is a device that exchanges heat with the air in the cooling water tower, transfers the heat to the air and removes it. It plays a role in saving water and reducing energy consumption in the cooling water system of the water-cooled chiller.

In the water-cooled chiller, the cooling water tower is very important. The reasonable configuration of the cooling water tower can effectively improve the working efficiency of the water-cooled chiller, provide sufficient power for the equipment, and meet all the needs of the daily operation of the chiller.

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