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The Reasons for the Failure of the Solenoid Valve of the Chiller

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The Reasons for the Failure of the Solenoid Valve of the Chiller


1. The sensitivity of the solenoid valve is strong. If the environmental voltage stability of the chiller is poor, when the chiller is used, it is easily affected by the voltage, and the operating power of the chiller is unstable. If the voltage in the operating environment of the chiller is relatively stable, even if the chiller runs for a long time, there will be no solenoid valve failure. As long as the solenoid valve of the equipment operates normally, the probability of equipment failure can be reduced. The lower the cost of using chillers, the more cost-effective the equipment is.

2. Not only does the voltage instability affect the stable operation of the equipment, but if the chiller has poor contact, it will also affect the normal use. Due to long-term operation of equipment, if there are failures such as corrosion, it is easy to cause poor contact between various components. The fault of poor contact has a long incubation period, and it will not affect the stable operation of the chiller when it first appears, so it is ignored by many companies. When poor equipment contact causes other failures, the cost of maintaining the chiller will increase.

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