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The Reason Why the Water-cooled Chiller must be Connected to a Cooling Tower

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The Reason Why the Water-cooled Chiller must be Connected to a Cooling Tower


If the water-cooled chiller is not equipped with a cooling tower, then cooling water cannot be provided, and a large amount of heat in the condenser cannot be dissipated, resulting in the chiller not operating normally.

The running water-cooled chiller itself will generate a lot of heat. If the cooling water is not used, the overall cooling will be poor, and it will be affected by the ventilation environment. Using air-cooled industrial chillers in environments with poor ventilation conditions cannot be compared with water-cooled industrial chillers in terms of cooling performance and low temperature environment.

The water-cooled chiller can improve the operation efficiency of the water-cooled chiller by using an external cooling tower. When the industrial water-cooled chiller is actually operated, due to the high heat generated by the water-cooled chiller, if the temperature cannot be cooled in time, the operation of the water-cooled chiller will be affected.

For enterprises that use a large number of water-cooled chillers, if a large amount of heat cannot be dissipated, the temperature range of the operating environment will continue to increase, which will affect the stability of the low-temperature environment and increase the energy consumption of water-cooled chillers. .

Many companies use external cooling towers for the operation and cooling of water-cooled chillers. Because the external cooling water tower can accelerate the volatilization of the heat source of the industrial chiller, shorten the cooling consumption time, and save the cooling energy consumption of the long-term use of the water-cooled chiller in the enterprise.

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