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The Principle and Characteristics of Low Temperature Recirculation Chiller

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The Principle and Characteristics of Low Temperature Recirculation Chiller


Low temperature recirculation chiller is suitable for various petrochemical, bioengineering, pharmaceutical, steel, chemical fiber, energy, refrigeration and other industries that need to maintain low temperature conditions. Low-temperature medium, such as methanol, ethanol, ethylene glycol, dichloromethane, Freon, etc., can be seen in low-temperature recirculation chillers. What is the principle of low-temperature recirculation chillers? What are the performance characteristics?

The heat load of the low temperature recirculating chiller is mainly the condensation heat of the gas and the radiant heat of the surrounding wall facing the working cold plate. The radiant heat received by the working cold plate is proportional to the fourth power difference between the temperature of the surrounding wall panel and the temperature of the working cold plate. Therefore, the 4.2K and 20K working cold plates are shielded with 50-100K cold plates to reduce the radiant heat received by the working cold plates. Suitable for burying underground, it will not be affected by hot air from the motor, air temperature and sunlight, and is easy to keep cold. It can reduce the suction height of the low-temperature recirculation chiller, increase the filling head, and increase the effective NPSH; the vertical structure is also conducive to exhaust, so that the suspension shaft has a sufficient height to facilitate the arrangement of the shaft seal device.

The low-temperature recirculation chiller adopts a drum-type liner, which makes the stirring more uniform without dead ends. It can adopt the design of no coil inside the tank, which can make full use of the experimental space in the tank and has a liquid outlet for easy replacement of media. The optional function can be equipped with a second temperature sensor, which takes the temperature of the second constant temperature field as the target temperature to start and stop the cooling or heating function. Optional high-temperature cooling function, which can quickly cool down at high temperature, breaking the traditional high-temperature to low-temperature natural cooling mode. For a refrigeration system that absorbs heat from the ambient medium and discharges heat to a high temperature, a machine that can alternately or simultaneously perform both cooling and heating functions is called a refrigeration and heat pump. From the point of view of energy utilization, this is a method of effectively utilizing energy, utilizing both cold and heat.

Performance characteristics of low temperature recirculating chillerindustrial water chiller system

1. The refrigeration system has various protection devices such as overheating, overcurrent, and time delay. Equipped with a water-cooled refrigerator, it does not use a fan to exhaust heat, and has little impact on the environment. It is suitable for use in clean rooms, and is also suitable for indoor use without ventilation equipment and air conditioning. Guaranteed reliability and longevity.

2. Use a circulation device with a closed circuit such as a heat preservation sleeve and a cooling coil.

3. Equipped with imported frequency conversion compressor, frequency conversion adjustment is made according to the motor power and cycle load of the refrigerator, which has the effect of energy saving.

4. The design is compact and saves space. There are vertical type and desktop type limited by the height of the test bench.

5. Commonly used circulating media are water, silicone oil, pure alcohol, salt water and other commonly used circulating media in laboratories.

6. The size of the piping is long, which can smoothly carry out long-distance circulation, cooling or constant temperature test containers outside the machine or the establishment of a second constant temperature field.

7. High-density corrosion-resistant materials: the cooling coil, the key interface of the discharge port and the return port, and the circulating pump that can circulate pure water are all made of stainless steel.

8. The device can be installed outdoors, suitable for research institutes, factories and other situations that cannot be installed indoors.

9. All operations are completed by pressing the touch soft keys on the microcomputer intelligent controller, which is intuitive and easy to operate.

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