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The Importance of Refrigeration Heating Systems for Pharmaceutical Industry

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The Importance of Refrigeration Heating Systems for Pharmaceutical Industry


The pharmaceutical engineering refrigeration and heating system is a temperature control device used in the chemical industry to cool or heat the reactor for different time periods. It is simple and convenient to operate, and can quickly improve the temperature rise and fall speed and temperature distribution accuracy. It is suitable for high or low temperature working conditions. temperature control equipment.

1. When choosing a refrigeration and heating system, the user should pay attention to the size of the inlet and outlet of the reactor, the size/weight of the reactor, the volume of the jacket or coil, and the parameters of the materials in the reactor, such as density/specific heat/viscosity, etc. The temperature that the material needs to reach, the time required for heating to this temperature, whether it needs refrigeration or explosion-proof, etc. to choose.


2. Refrigeration + heating function to meet different temperature requirements under different needs, using compressor combined technology, refrigeration circuits are independent of each other, time-sharing staggered start, reducing interference to the power grid, stably exerting compressor performance and saving electricity, Fully automatic temperature control, which can meet continuous operation 24 hours a day.

3. Adopt compressor refrigeration + high pressure linkage heating technology, or direct heating wire heating, real-time control through the control system, meet the requirements of using cold water or hot water, maintain the water temperature at the set state, low vibration, low noise, heat exchange materials , high energy efficiency ratio.

4. The service life is long, the position design of the evaporator and the condenser is very reasonable, the oil return is smooth, and the service life and efficiency of the compressor are maintained.

5. The main components such as the compressor are equipped with qualified accessories, fully baked paint and anti-rust treatment, cooling and heating performance, fully intelligent temperature control system, and the unit is designed to run 24 hours without stopping.

6. When the temperature is controlled to reach the expected temperature range, this whole process will produce a certain chemical reaction and generate heat. This reaction process is easily affected by the outside world. Therefore, the placement environment is more important. It is recommended to choose a ventilated and cool room for placement.

7. It can be matched with reaction kettles of different sizes for refrigeration, heating and temperature control. Different sizes of reaction kettles bring different heat capacities, so their ability to absorb or release heat is also different. Therefore, users need to provide accurate responses when selecting models. The size of the kettle, temperature requirements, materials and other working conditions require the manufacturer to select the model, so as to avoid the selection of large or small equipment that will cause the equipment to fail to meet the expected temperature requirements.

8. The unique heating design can make the temperature rise and fall quickly to the temperature required by the production process. The PID control technology used can evenly rise and fall the temperature to a constant value, and the temperature control precision is high.

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