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The Impact of the Compressor not Running on the Industrial Chiller

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The Impact of the Compressor not Running on the Industrial Chiller


The compressor of the industrial chiller is not working, which means that the industrial chiller cannot operate normally. As the core component of the equipment, the probability of failure of the industrial chiller is very low. When the compressor is not running, it is first necessary to detect the auxiliary equipment of the industrial chiller. Checking the compressor while ensuring that the auxiliary equipment is in good condition can reduce the waiting time for the company’s maintenance.customized chiller

For the failure of the compressor not to run, it needs to be detected in combination with the specific use status of the industrial chiller. If the equipment has just been installed and the compressor does not run when it is powered on, it is also related to the voltage used by the enterprise. Due to the different voltage ranges used by different enterprises, it is necessary to select a suitable chiller for safe operation, so as to avoid the failure of the equipment to operate due to problems such as voltage inconsistency, which will affect the normal use of industrial chiller equipment by the enterprise.

After eliminating the cause of the voltage fault, it is necessary to detect the evaporator and condenser of the equipment. Make sure that the entire installation process is completed in accordance with the steps in the installation manual. If the equipment has been running for a long time, and suddenly there is a failure that the chiller compressor cannot operate, it is necessary to observe whether there is a lot of dust and other substances inside the compressor. Due to the short circuit of the internal circuit caused by too much dust, the industrial chiller equipment will cut off the power to protect itself. Without any energy supply, industrial chillers are bound to fail to operate normally.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you want to troubleshoot the failure of the industrial chiller compressor not running faster, you first need to carefully judge whether other accessories produce large noise problems during operation. Where does the noise appear, and for which positions are comprehensively detected. On the premise of eliminating the faults of auxiliary accessories, you can check all the circuits of the industrial chiller, and carefully judge whether there are faults such as short circuits. Through the above methods, the compressor failure of the industrial chiller can be eliminated in a short period of time, and the normal operation of the industrial chiller can be restored. If the equipment with a service life of more than 2 years has a fault that the compressor does not run, the company needs to comprehensively maintain the industrial chiller, so as to prevent such faults from recurring.

An industrial chiller compressor not running means the equipment is not working properly. Enterprises must rely on professionals to complete system inspection and maintenance, restore the work of industrial chillers in a shorter period of time, and reduce the scope of enterprises affected by industrial chiller failures.

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