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The Cooling Methods of the Water Chiller

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The Cooling Methods of the Water Chiller


Different types of cooling methods have different effects on the adjustment of equipment temperature, and different conclusions will be drawn on the process influence of the produced products. The more common cooling methods are air cooling and water cooling.chiller

Air cooling is a temperature control method that uses the cold air of the air-cooled chiller to cool the equipment. The air-cooled chiller mainly includes a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator and a fan. Since the air-cooled chiller uses a fan, the advantages of using the air-cooled chiller are convenient and quick, time-saving and labor-saving, small investment cost, small space occupation, and flexible and convenient. The disadvantages of air-cooled chillers are slow heat dissipation, low efficiency, and poor temperature control accuracy.

The heat dissipation effect of water-cooled chillers in industrial temperature control is a better cooling method. Water-cooled chillers mainly include compressors, condensers (water-cooled and air-cooled), evaporators, water pumps, and water tanks (external ), the water-cooled chiller can effectively control the temperature of the production equipment with high power speed. When the temperature rises, the freezer turns on the refrigeration and cooling work to cool down to the normal operating temperature of the equipment. The disadvantages of the water-cooled chiller are relatively high cost, complex structure, high failure rate, and large space occupation.

No matter which industrial chiller cooling method you choose, you must choose the one that is suitable for your factory.

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