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Test Operation Steps of Air Cooled Chiller System

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Test Operation Steps of Air Cooled Chiller System


Connect the cooling meter to the device and position the temperature probe. Then turn on one of the compressors and check that the Y-delt transformation of the compressor is natural, and the voltage of each contactor.

Check the compressor current.

Check whether each fan is rotating in the correct direction and working properly, and then check the running current.

Check the oil level to make sure the solenoid valve is working properly.

Let the compressor run for at least 20 minutes before checking all parameters and making sure the suction and discharge pressures are normal.

Check the opening of the electric expansion valve and the suction temperature, and make sure that they are within the normal range.

Check that the suction superheat temperature is between 5 and 7°C, and that the discharge and condensing super-heat temperatures are within the normal range.

If the exhaust temperature is too high, please check whether the solenoid valve and expansion valve on the fuel injection pipe work normally.

Check the compressor oil level after shutdown.

Sufficient air conditioning load is required to keep the system running and make sure all appliances are turned on.

Test and tighten all valve caps after commissioning. Clean the system and some oil from the joints.

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