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Special Chiller for VCSEL Laser Cooling

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Special Chiller for VCSEL Laser Cooling


Vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) is a new type of active semiconductor laser device that has developed rapidly in recent years. Compared with conventional lasers, the advantages of vertical cavity external emission lasers are: small divergence angle, single longitudinal mode operation, relatively small threshold current and high modulation frequency. At present, the application of VCSE lasers is mainly concentrated in low-power applications, such as optical communication, optical interconnection, computer and optical information processing, etc., but in fact the high-power application fields of VCSEL devices are wider, such as laser ranging, laser radar, optical Communications, atomic clocks, optical storage, lidar, precision measurement, and laser medicine, to name a few.

low temperature chiller system

Vcsel lasers used in precision measurement and other fields have high requirements on wavelength and frequency accuracy, and the wavelength of the output laser has a linear relationship with the operating current, which is an easier-to-control variable. However, the frequency of the vcsel laser is sensitive to temperature, and the temperature of the vcsel laser needs to be kept highly stable. In order to improve the long-term and short-term stability of the precision measurement system, the temperature adjustment accuracy of the vcsel laser must be guaranteed. Therefore, designing a high-precision VCSEL laser automatic temperature control system is of great significance for the stable use of VCSEL.

In order to realize the constant control of the working temperature of the VCSEL laser itself and the working environment temperature of the laser, our company has introduced a dual-channel constant temperature controller, which can provide high-precision working temperature control for the laser, and can also provide highly stable working environment temperature control.

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