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Special Chiller for Micro-arc Oxidation Production Line in New Energy Automobile Industry

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Special Chiller for Micro-arc Oxidation Production Line in New Energy Automobile Industry


Micro-arc oxidation is a material surface treatment process, which is widely used in many industries such as aerospace, marine ships, automobile manufacturing, and home decoration. For example, the surface strengthening treatment of special aluminum-based alloy materials that cannot be treated by conventional anodizing, such as automotive aluminum-based pistons, piston seats, cylinders and other aluminum-based parts, etc.

The composition of the micro-arc oxidation production line:

Micro-arc oxidation equipment generally consists of three main parts, mainly including micro-arc power supply, electrolytic tank, and cooling system.

It can also be subdivided into micro-arc power supply, tank group part, heating temperature control part, cooling part, stirring part, driving part, etc. No matter how it is divided, the cooling system is an integral part of the micro-arc oxidation production line and plays a vital role in product quality.

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Effect of temperature on micro-arc oxidation:

Micro-arc oxidation differs from anodizing in that it requires a wider temperature range. Generally, it is 10~90°C. The higher the temperature, the faster the film formation, but the roughness also increases. And the temperature is high, will form water vapor. It is generally recommended to be at 20-60°C. Since the micro-arc oxidation is released in the form of heat energy, the temperature of the liquid rises rapidly. The micro-arc oxidation process must be equipped with a heat exchange refrigeration system with a large capacity to control the temperature of the bath liquid.

Advantages of our chiller

The water-cooled box-type chiller adopts a fully enclosed design, with a clean and beautiful appearance, dust-proof and rust-proof, and has a wide range of applications, and can cope with special environments such as poor ventilation.

After the installation and commissioning of the unit, the overall operation is in good condition, which is very in line with the process characteristics and environmental requirements of the micro-arc oxidation production line, and has achieved the expected good results in terms of refrigeration efficiency, energy efficiency performance, and service life.

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