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Six Advantages of Water-cooled Chillers

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Six Advantages of Water-cooled Chillers


The water-cooled chiller is no stranger to many friends, but when it comes to the water-cooled chiller, many friends will not forget to compare it with the air-cooled chiller. Of course, the air-cooled chiller has certain advantages. It also has its own advantages in specific environments, but in general, the advantages of the water-cooled chiller itself are also very popular! The six prominent features of the water-cooled chiller include:

1. Compared with air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers are safer in operation and more conducive to maintenance and repair.

2. The high-quality compressor is the heart of the water-cooled chiller. At the same time, the origin of the compressor is generally a brand-new original compressor of an international well-known brand, with a built-in safety protection system, low noise, energy saving and durability.

3. The water-cooled chiller is made of the latest high-efficiency external thread copper tube, which is very small in size and has a very fast heat dissipation speed. It is produced by using the latest CAD/CAM processing technology and cooperated with CNC machining center, with compact structure, high reliability and beautiful appearance. ,Energy efficient.

4. The water-cooled chiller unit is equipped with a single-chip control system, built-in compressor drier, filter, expansion valve, maintenance hand valve interface and other devices to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the machine and facilitate maintenance.

5. The water tank evaporator has a built-in automatic water replenishing device, which eliminates the need for the expansion water tank in the engineering installation to facilitate installation and maintenance, and is suitable for special occasions such as large temperature difference and small flow.

6. The multi-function operation panel of the water-cooled chiller is equipped with an ammeter, a control system insurance, a compressor switch button, a water pump switch button, an electronic temperature controller, various safety protection fault lights, and a unit startup and running indicator light, which is simple to operate and easy to use. .Water-cooled chiller unit configuration: equipped with a single-chip control system, built-in compressor drier filter and expansion valve, maintenance hand valve interface and other devices to ensure the safety and reliability of the machine!

The fact that water-cooled chillers have the above six advantages is also the fundamental reason why they have always been favored by customers. With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, it will also promote the continuous development of high-efficiency and energy-saving water-cooled chillers!

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